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An open and easy-to-use ‘work café’, specifically designed for your convenience and comfort.

Space Kante has the benefits of both
an open office space and a relaxed café,
allowing you to use the comfortable facilities
according to your pace and style.

  • Easy to Use

    Space Kante is an accessible and easy to use space. We are in the heart of the city, just a 1-minute walk from both Shijo and Karasuma stations, and open until 10pm. We also have reasonable and affordable price plans, suitable for your needs.

  • State of the Art Facilities & Resources

    Our space is fully equipped with WiFi and power connections throughout. Our bookstore and café allow you to gain new ideas and motivation, as well as being an easy space to unwind in.

  • Events and Community

    Our café and lounge space hosts opportunities for you to meet like-minded individuals through a range of events and seminars. There are chances to learn and experience a new kind of community.


A space where time and shape are yours to use each day.


Supporting your goals through a fully equipped and comfortable space

  • Free
  • Free
    Power Connections
  • Printer,

Rental Space

Meetings. Seminars. Parties.
We have three distinct types of rental space,
according to your size and requirement.

*All prices are excluding tax.
*Please check here for our usage policy.
*All prices are for members.

  • ミーティングルーム 定員:8名 料金:1時間500JPY
  • セミナースペース 定員:40名 料金:1時間3,000JPY
  • カフェ貸切 定員:80名 料金:1時間15,000JPY


Seminars and study sessions that provide hints for growth and challenge.

We hold seminars, workshops and events regularly,
inviting a variety of hosts from a broad selection of fields.
From full-fledged business seminars to more casual gatherings,
we aim to create meaningful opportunities to learn in a relaxed way.

  • Various seminars
    Actively participate in various seminar fields such as ‘world’, ‘growth’, ‘goal achievement’ or ‘community’, where invited hosts will challenge and speak around your interests. If you have hopes for a seminar we can also work together to plan future events.
  • Study sessions
    Have time to learn with friends around a common theme, or explore ideas about the future. You can participate in organized study meetings, or organize study sessions by yourself in our space.
  • Events
    It is also important to have time to talk around a theme with tea, sweets, alcohol or through gathering in a large group. Our events are varied; everything from watching movies and reading books to workshops and enjoying our world cafe.

For more information, check out our Facebook page, here:


Basic Plan
Available Hours: 10am – 10pm (available at any time) 1 person 5,980JPY per month
Other Fees
Joining Fee
Management Fee
500JPY/per month
Optional Fees
Private Booth Rental
500JPY/per day
Locker Rental
1,500JPY/per month
Copy/Print Black & White
10JPY/per sheet
Copy/Print Color
50JPY/per sheet
Business Plan
Basic Charge (1 person)
11,500JPN per Month

※The business plan is a plan that includes conference rooms for up to 2 hours daily (limited to 13: 00-18: 00). If you use the conference room at other times, it is available at 500 JPN per hour.

Visitor pass
1 Day Pass

(After 18 o'clock on weekdays : 1,000JPY)

*Tax included.
*Visitors do not have to pay a joining fee.
*As with regular members, visitors can use the WiFi, power, café and bookstore freely.
*At busy periods, priority is given to existing members. Blackout dates may apply, during which visitor passes are not available.


Reasons that our members recommend Space Kante.

  • A café you can concentrate in.

    Having a relaxing space to enjoy coffee or refreshments helps to keep your motivation high and provide balance to your work or study time.

  • The opportunity to meet with like-minded people.

    Working in a space used by colleagues with a similar passion and drive creates a motivating environment for learning and continuing your own development.

  • Great event and meeting space.

    Basing yourself in a large, flexible space enables you to tailor meetings to suit your requirements, organize events by yourself and enjoy a comfortable space with colleagues.

What do our customers say?


Free trial and viewing available.Please contact us to arrange!

  • Try for Yourself!Free lounge experience.

    You can try our lounge space before joining! Maybe you wonder what kind of atmosphere a co-working space has? Please talk to us about this experience. Our staff will give you an introductory explanation and you can get a feel for the area and lounge facilities.

  • What kind of space is Kante? Viewing and introductory meeting.

    If you would like to see every part of the space within our facility, our staff will happily give you a full tour with guidance about the usage of various spaces. You can see other members using the space and ask any questions that you would like to.

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1-minute walk from Shijo Station and Karasuma Station.

Fukutoku Bldg. 2F,
Tearaimizu-cho 670,
Chukyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8152

  • 1-minute walk from the No.21 Exit of Shijo
    and Karasuma Station.Straight along the Karasuma Street,
    you can find the private entrance to the school.


Please feel free to contact us


Business hours
Mon to Fri 10am to 10pm
(Sat and Sun 10am to 7pm)